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Torrent All to MP3 Converter iconTorrent All to MP3 Converter 1.86
Extract audio from video to MP3, Supports mp4 to mp3, avi, vob, mpeg, vob, rm

3D Flash Slideshow Maker icon3D Flash Slideshow Maker 5.00
Convert photo collection to dynamic 3D flash slideshow gallery and flash banner

Kate`s Video Toolkit iconKate`s Video Toolkit 7.100
All-in-one video/audio toolkit solution. Convert,Cut,Join,Mix and Apply effects.

Mobile Photo Enhancer iconMobile Photo Enhancer 1.3
Quickly and easily improve the quality of photos taken with camera phones. Movie Collector Movie Collector 16.2.1
Catalog DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and movie files. Automatic cast, crew & cover art.

Aoao Photo Editor Platinum iconAoao Photo Editor Platinum 3.6
Aoao Photo Editor Platinum is powerful. It support most picture formats.

eXtreme Movie Manager iconeXtreme Movie Manager
The most powerful movie database manager, can import from more than 80 websites.

3D Flash Slideshow Maker icon3D Flash Slideshow Maker 5.00
Convert photo collection to dynamic 3D flash slideshow gallery and flash banner

Convert VOB to AVI iconConvert VOB to AVI 1.62
Freeware to convert VOB video to AVI video format

3D Photo Wall Screen Saver icon3D Photo Wall Screen Saver 4.1609
3D photo wall screen saver shows your photos on a moving 3D wall

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Popular MP3 Software

Kaspersky Anti-Virus iconKaspersky Anti-Virus 2016
Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the backbone of your PC?s defenses, malware protection

Convert MP4 to MP3 iconConvert MP4 to MP3 1.1
Freeware to convert MP4 audio data to MP3 audio file

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 iconAvast Free Antivirus 2015 2015.10.2.2214
World?s most-trusted antivirus, protecting more than 220 million users.Download!

Torrent All to MP3 Converter iconTorrent All to MP3 Converter 1.86
Extract audio from video to MP3, Supports mp4 to mp3, avi, vob, mpeg, vob, rm

Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro iconAgnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro 6.7.3
Modern, fast and inexpensive antivirus solution with advanced security tools.

Easy MP3 Cutter iconEasy MP3 Cutter 3.0
Easy MP3 Cutter - the best tool for lossless and fast MP3 and WAV audio cutting!

Kaspersky PURE Total Security iconKaspersky PURE Total Security 3
Kaspersky PURE Total Security delivers everything you need to protect your PC

Digital Media Converter iconDigital Media Converter 4.01

Ability Mail Server iconAbility Mail Server 3.2.7
SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, LDAP, Remote Admin, SSL, SPAM Filtering, Antivirus.

Fast AMR/M4A/AC3/WAV/MP3/WMA Audio Converter iconFast AMR/M4A/AC3/WAV/MP3/WMA Audio Converter 3.3.430
Convert Audio files to WAV, MP3, WMA, M4A and AMR

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GameBoost iconGameBoost
Boost your computer and internet speed the easy way, make games run faster.

3D Jumping Dolphins Screensaver icon3D Jumping Dolphins Screensaver 1.0
This amazing 3D screensaver gives you a rare chance to observe dolphins.

GameGain iconGameGain
Boost your gaming computer speed the easy way and make games much faster.

3D Photo Wall Screen Saver icon3D Photo Wall Screen Saver 4.1609
3D photo wall screen saver shows your photos on a moving 3D wall

Euro Truck Simulator iconEuro Truck Simulator 1.3b
Drive your truck across Europe! Pick and deliver cargos on time!

Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver iconDinosaurs 3D Screensaver 1.2
Travel back in time to the exciting world of the dinosaur!

Naval simulation, extension to classic Battleship Game, where units can move!

Underwater Picture Screensaver iconUnderwater Picture Screensaver 1.0
Mysterious spirit of unknown underwater world!

Battleship Game World War 2 iconBattleship Game World War 2
Naval War Battleship Game with 50 ship/plane/sub types in 120 WW2 missions

Free Snoopy Screensaver iconFree Snoopy Screensaver 1.0
Funny Snoopy right on your desktop.

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Cheewoo Shape Tracer 2.7.2004.1007   (2017-07-02)
converting raster image data file of a part / pattern into a vector shape file

Tag&Rename 3.9.12   (2017-01-26)
Mp3/mp4 music organizer: easily handles all popular digital audio files tags.

Cheewoo VaryTable 2.3.1001.1005   (2017-07-02)
Converting text table in the DXF, DWG drawing to cell type CSV, XLS file

Atlantis Word Processor   (2017-01-25)
Compact, fast-loading, but still powerful and efficient word processor.

SliQ Invoicing Plus   (2017-07-02)
Invoicing software - professional invoices, quotes and purchase orders

Easy Time Logs Free 6.6.87   (2017-01-10)
A time tracking, timesheet, and project management software product.

Cheewoo Part CAM 2.2.1002.1047   (2017-06-28)
CNC part program generation CAM for plasma, laser, knife, water jet cutting

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.7   (2017-01-04)
Password Protect Files, Folders on Local Drive , USB drive or LAN Network.

Cheewoo Nest 2D 2.3.1008.2015   (2017-05-31)
2D true shape part nesting program to maximize plate / sheet stock saving

5KPlayer 4.2   (2017-01-03)
New style free media player to play, download and manage video/music.

Acronis True Image 2017.8041   (2017-04-11)
Protect personal data on your computers, smartphones, tablets, and Facebook.

ScienCalc 1.3.18   (2017-01-03)
ScienCalc is a convenient and powerful scientific calculator.

Acronis True Image New Generation 2017.6206   (2017-04-11)
Back up, recover and protect your data on computers and mobile devices.

CurveFitter 4.5.18   (2017-01-03)
CurveFitter performs regression analysis to estimate values of parameters.

BriskBard 1.4.0   (2017-04-03)
BriskBard is the fast, powerful and feature-packed web browser for Windows.

DesktopCalc 2.1.18   (2017-01-03)
DesktopCalc is an enhanced, easy-to-use and powerful scientific calculator

Music Masterworks 4.29   (2017-03-11)
Easy to use Voice-to-Note music composition software

MultiplexCalc 5.4.18   (2017-01-03)
MultiplexCalc is a multipurpose and comprehensive desktop calculator for Windows

C# Web Scraping Library   (2017-02-28)
The C# WebScraping Class by

CompactCalc 4.2.18   (2017-01-03)
CompactCalc is an enhanced scientific calculator for Windows

Rec&ts2mpg converter 2.9.55   (2017-02-20)
Rec&ts2mpg converts .rec and .ts formats (from satellite rec) to MPEG2 PS form.

SimplexCalc 4.1.18   (2017-01-03)
SimplexCalc is a multivariable desktop calculator for Windows.

CDR Analysis 3.0   (2017-02-17)
CDR Analysis for Call data Analysis Smart Analysis Solutions

Prevent Recovery 7.00   (2017-01-03)
Wipe any deleted files to prevent recovery

Desktop Fay 3.2.6   (2017-02-14)
Virtual Assistant for Windows with Reminder, Email, and Calculator.

Kate`s Video Toolkit 7.100   (2017-01-03)
All-in-one video/audio toolkit solution. Convert,Cut,Join,Mix and Apply effects.

GiliSoft USB Encryption 6.0.8   (2017-02-13)
Helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, Pen drives.

PDF Converter Pro   (2017-01-02)
Converts PDF documents to Word documents, and Word documents to PDF

Acronis Backup for Server 12.3689   (2017-02-07)
Protect all your servers & cloud workloads via 1 web console with RTOs <15 secs!

PDF Converter   (2017-01-02)
View PDF, Manage PDF, Convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, Image, and Create PDF

Hot Copy Paste 7.5   (2017-02-07)
Enhances Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, storage and full-text search

Nautical Almanac 2017   (2017-01-01)
2017 Nautical Almanac including monthly charts with the planets' positions

InjuredPixels 4.0   (2017-02-06)
Check your PC or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or other defects.

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 17.0.140   (2016-12-30)
Registry Cleaner and System Speed Optimizer

TreeDraw 4.4.2   (2017-02-06)
Creates family tree charts by importing data from Kith and Kin Pro V3 or GEDCOM.

MWS Reader 5.5   (2016-12-27)
MWS Reader 5 will conveniently read any text out loud for you!

Smart WAV Converter 14.2   (2017-02-01)
WAV to MP3 Converter

Wipe 17.00   (2016-12-22)
Deletes gigabytes of garbage on the PC: cookies, history, cache, temp files,

VueMinder Lite 2017.01   (2017-01-30)
Free calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of upcoming events

CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.11.4   (2016-12-20)
Handy free portable PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript code editor with PHP debugger



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SoftwareLode - Description

SoftwareLode lists thousands of software packages. Each software title is shown with a description provided by the software vendor and a link to download an installer. Almost all the software listings include a screenshot of the software program and, if available, a link to the vendor's own website where you can find out more information either about the software and its features or about the company writing the software.

All the software listed on this site can be downloaded for free. You can browse and download as many software titles as you wish. Please note that none of the software shown on this site is provided by SoftwareLode and we can take no responsibility for the software's function or performance. All software support requests should be directed to the actual software vendore. To contact the software authors, please either use the provided links to the vendor website or any contact information provided with the downloaded software.

Free Software Downloads - the advantages of being able to download software for free

The biggest advantage in a free software download is literally being able to freely download software so that you get to try out the software for no cost before you buy it. Usually, though not always, you get a free trial period of about 30 days. This allows you to try out all the features of the software and make sure it does what you want and is actually worth purchasing. This model of software distribution is known as "shareware". Unlike purchasing a boxed software item from a high street shop, you can give copies of the software to your friends and colleagues so they can try the software for free too.

Note that SoftwareLode also lists many so-called freeware programs. A freeware title is a totally free software download - you can download it and use it for as long as you like without making a purchsing. Each software listing indicates whether a program is distributed as shareware or freeware. The freeware/ shareware indication will be correct as of the time the software listing was last updated with the vendor-provided details.

Purchasing Shareware

If you decide to buy a shareware package, you will need to make the purchase directly from the software vendor. During the trial period, the software might have some limitations enforced. Sometimes nag screens or dialogs are displayed encouraging you to purchase and reminding you how long your trial period has left to expire. When you purchase the nag screens and any feature limitations will be removed - check the vendor's purchase information for details.

Who writes Shareware Programs?

Traditionally, shareware was written by ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). These tended to be small, one or two man software companies. These days though, even large software companies are occasionally distributing software under a shareware license.

Don't automatically associate ISVs or shareware authors with poor-quality software. Many of the packages will be developed by full-time software professionals working for their own company. Sometimes packages are also written by software programmers as a second line of income outside their normal day job working for a larger software organisation. Usually shareware programs are of very high quality - after all the vendor needs to be sure that you the customer will purchase after having tried out the software for a decent amount of time during the trial period.

Who writes Freeware Programs?

I guess the question could be rephrased as - who writes software for free? Freeware authors are often the same kind of people as shareware authors.

Although freeware authors get no money directly from sales of their software, they might gain benefits in other ways. For example, the author might be testing out an early version of a software title - to see if there's any interest from potential customers or to begin building a brand awareness in preparation for a later launch of a commercial software package. Sometimes software authors will distribute a simple, less capable version of their software as freeware to entice customers. When customers have been using the free software for some time, their needs may grow and the vendor will be hoping that the customers purchases the bigger, more capable version of their software.

Where do the Software Titles on SoftwareLode come from?

All software listed on SoftwareLode, together with all the programs details, download links and screenshots are obtain from PAD (Portable Application Description) files. PAD files are written by the software authors/ vendors and submitted to sites like SoftwareLode. PAD files are XML/ text files hosted on the author's own websites. SoftwareLode periodically polls the PAD files for all the listed software in order to keep the program details reasonably up to date. If we detect missing PAD files or broken download links we email reports to the contact email addresses given in the PAD files. If PAD file errors persist for a number of successive polls, we remove the program listing from our website.

If you are a software author wishing to list a program on SoftwareLode, please click on submit a PAD file to get your software listed.

Note that we've spent a great deal of effort on the management software for handling new software submissions. No software is listed unless we believe the submission is a bonafide software package that may be of use to people. We love to accept software titles which link back to software development company websites. We check the details of ALL submissions. We routinely decline submissions of titles linking back to non-software related websites, e.g. insurance, loan or credit-related websites. We don't accept submissions of things like toolbars which have recently grown a reputation as spam. We usually, though not always, accept screensaver submissions as long as the submission links back to a screensaver site or the screensaver is of good quality.

When making a PAD file submission bear in mind that we have three ways of handling a submission: accept, decline or blacklist. The two options we almost always use are accept or blacklist. So if one title is submitted that gets blacklisted, all future submissions from that site will be automatically rejected by our submission management backend software and the editors won't even see the submitted details. We reserve the right to reject any title we deem unsuitable. Note also that there is no manual submission interface for SoftwareLode - we only accept PAD files. If you get a rejection message followed by error messages when making a PAD file submission, you will need to make the highlighted corrections before resubmitting.